I’ve always felt like I was from another time.

Growing up I was called an old soul, but I think it’s a little bit more than that. I think sometimes people are significantly influenced by other times in history than the one they were actually born into. I have always been drawn to the styles of the 1940’s-50’s from watching old movies with my mother. Though my style has changed a lot over the years, I am now completely exploring all of my vintage whims, and am so excited to share my weekly inspirations with you through this online blog forum. If you too feel like you are of another time, leave me a comment on this blog or my social media.

Latest Posts:

Raining Cats

Today it was raining cats… No dogs unfortunately, but I did finally get to wear a wild retro-inspired outfit that I’ve been saving for the perfect gloomy day. I couldn’t really pin-point an era this outfit belonged to. It seemed very 60s meets 90s to me, in London, of course, but even then it wasContinue reading “Raining Cats”

Black & Camel

Black and Camel– a love story. Today’s outfit is a quick and easy masterpiece of classic and modern style. My all time favorite color combination is the timeless black and camel, which together bring a rather simple outfit to the height of sophistication. I centered this look around an old cardigan I found in myContinue reading “Black & Camel”

Witchy Woman

I must tell you that I’ve always wanted to be a witch. I blame my mother, who raised me on a love of Halloween and Bewitched, showing me the magic of this spooky season from an early age. Halloween has truly always been my favorite– and not in the slasher-stabby-demonic-possession way, but in the wayContinue reading “Witchy Woman”

Sweater Weather

It’s getting quite chilly in Nashville TN, and I realized that I didn’t bring any fall sweaters with me during our summer move! I hopped over to my favorite place to shop on a dime– Buffalo Exchange– and got three beautiful high quality sweaters for under $50. Reusing some wardrobe staples from the last 5Continue reading “Sweater Weather”


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