A Lesson in Headscarves

I fell in love with headscarves a few years ago when I was bewitched by vintage 1950’s styles, and the affair was recently awakened by watching modern day pin-up girls online, and following many vintage style icons like @misspsychocat and @sammijefcoate. But my own beautiful mother really showed me the ropes growing up with her authentic designer scarves. She liked to wear them as ascots around her neck, which was beautiful, but I always loved the way they could transform a plain hairdo into an artform with a simple head-wrap.

I recently invested in several large silk scarves that were about $8.99 each on Amazon. I got one for my darker looks (pictured above) in a classic Hermes-inspired black and gold print. I got another one for more neutral tones, which is inspired by the famous Burberry print, and then another one for my growing collection of pale blue looks for summer. I also have a white and a black polka dot scarf both which I wear with my white and black polka dot looks (which is another growing collection in my little summer wardrobe).

The real trick is finding a stylish and unique way to wrap and style the scarves. I love making them into large bows like I have pictured here, which gives it a lot of flare compared to a clean tie. However, sometimes I do like wrapping it back and leaving a hairband sort of presentation as well. I’ve tried to do more traditional 1950’s wraps but it really hasn’t worked for me yet, so I have to make up my own methods. With the shorter scarves, I can make a little simple bow-tie by just wrapping it around my head once and tying the ends in front.

I’ve found that the best way to wear the scarves is with my hair piled up on my head into a large messy top knot, which is both practical and the most stylish I can get with my very long hair. I unfortunately cannot do victory rolls and pin my hair up like the 1950’s beauties because of my hair’s length and weight, so I have to approach it with a modern take on an older tradition and just swirl it into a bun. Being a ballerina, I really like getting away with wearing my hair up every day while still being feminine and fashionable. This has definitely become my favorite hair-hack so far.

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