3 Outfits to Transition from Summer to Fall

  1. Brunch Date

Being stuck in isolation has made me really assess the value of taking time to get dressed up and go out on a beautiful day to meet good friend’s for brunch. I miss being able to pick a new place each time, take exquisite foodie photos, and dig into a delicious new delicacy that wreaks havoc on my lipstick. So even if I don’t go, I still always plan out possible brunch outfits just in case a rebellious friend invites me to dare to leave my room.
I have a real obsession with corsets this fall, a theme you will see on the blog this season repeatedly. This beautiful corset detail top from Fashionnova has just the right bits of Gothic romance that make my heart sing. These mom shorts from Urban Outfitters have been over-worn already since I bought them just a month ago. Some skinny sunglasses and sandal heels complete the look with summery daytime lightness that offsets the gaudy details of the fall top.

2. Work From Home

Since we are all working from home, it can be easy to just stay in your PJ’s or slip on a comfortable sweater to snooz the day away in. But for me, getting dressed (even to just sit in my room) is very therapeutic and energizing, and can really effect my productivity. If you’re like me, this outfit is a really nice compromise. I have a chic silk button down shirt on top, so in case a Zoom meeting should catch me off guard, I look entirely professional and put together. However, the slouchy fit and soft material is also entirely comfortable. With a summer-fall transition, it’s important to stick to light or at least blue denim to offset some of your darker accents. These blue mom jeans have been a staple for my wardrobe for years, and are the perfect way to ease into a fall color scheme, lightening the mood when paired with darker reds or blacks. This year, I’ve invested in some croc-print loafers so I can lounge in style, keeping a business-chic edge in my life even if I’m confined to my room. I also think chunky chain necklaces are going to take over my life this season. Anyone else agree?

3. Night Out

Since nights are cooling down, I wanted this look to have the essence of September sophistication and Gothic whimsy in mind. Every woman should own a silk slip dress in some color, though black is of course my go-to (however I am eyeing a delicious wine addition as well). It is the easiest way to show up with an effortlessly-sexy glow for date night. Paired with a structured blazer (hello shoulder pads), you can shield yourself from a chill while also saying “I mean business” to onlooking eyes. Alligator print is a real obsession for me right now (which I will be doing a post on shortly) which is why my croc-print handbag matches my new croc-print ankle boots. Another print I can’t get enough of is snakeskin, and I wrapped a thick snake print belt around the dress to cinch my waist. A lovely headscarf masks my messy top knot, and huge gaudy earrings top it all off with an extra essence of luxury.

My Top Trends for Fall 2020:
Corset, Silk, Alligator print, Snakeskin.

Which outfit is your favorite? Leave me a comment below and follow more fall trends at @ofanothertimeblog on Instagram.


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