European Euphoria

I was lucky enough to be invited to travel Europe with my boyfriend’s family in November of 2018. This trip is by far one of the greatest experiences of my life, and by far the most creatively stimulating. I don’t think I put my phone camera down for a minute, and was lusting over every street corner, cafe, and cobble stone that I stepped on. My hunger for the European aesthetic started long ago, as my Italian mother brought me up on the language, art, and culture of Paris, London, and Rome. I was force fed from birth romanticized images of European architecture, fashion, and music, and while I have heard that these American obsessions are vastly dramatized, I found that the dreams put in my head by Euro-fanatics were strikingly real.

These photos were taken by me, my boyfriend, or one of his parents. As you can see, with minimal editing, and very little skill, the photographs represent the raw exquisiteness of European cities. We traveled first to Budapest, then Vienna, then flew into Venice, and lastly Milan. Left on my list is Paris (my childhood dream), London, Tokyo, and of course, every single town and city in Italy– starting with Florence and Rome.

I didn’t think much about Europe after that trip, but two years later, I am dying to travel again, and soak up even more beauty along the way. I think next time I will bring a Polaroid or digital camera, so I don’t have to have my phone on me at all. Then I won’t even post about the trip till I get home, so I can be completely immersed in each and every glorious moment.

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