Summer’s End

Summer ended sharply last Friday in Nashville, TN. Since then I have had to say an unwilling goodbye to my summer favorites– jean shorts, puff sleeves crop tops, and gingham. Tragically, I just got a new gingham dress on sale today, and will sadly only see it next year when spring drags her heavy feet in again. I couldn’t be sadder for the clothes I didn’t get to even wear this season, since Covid kept me inside and unadventurous for most of the summer. I also found myself slipping into tee-shirts and cowboy boots for most of the sweltering southern heat. But I have collected an arsenal of charming crop tops for next year, and cannot wait to parade them around at the first glimpse of heat.

Sad as it may be to see the summer sun go, I am over the moon for all things pumpkin spice and everything nice. We are currently moving, and all my luscious sweaters boots scarves and coats are in storage; so, I’m not sure how to weather (pun intended) this cold front, and am feeling sorely unequipped for my favorite season (fall). I suppose I can always rely on a good band tee, jeans, and booties to see me through. I suppose I’ll have to.

So long, summer.
We miss you already.


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