Denim on Denim on Denim

I know, how could I commit such fashion treason?

Probably because I’m anti-fashion, but pro-style. I have so much disdain for trends and people telling me what’s “in” this season or “out” the next. Style is timleless, borderless, limitless. You can do whatever you want at any time as long as it looks good; and even if it doesn’t, you’re still free to play. And one thing I love doing is stacking. I stack jewelry, patterns, textures, colors, anything to be on the fine line between couture and obnoxious. The same goes with this triple denim look, which I think worked out quite nicely in a very retro 70’s sort of way.

Some days are warm enough for a nice shorts, jacket, and booties combo, and I’m taking advantage of the last few moments I’ll get to wear a bare leg this year. The denim shirt I tied up is a vintage Ralph Lauren I stole from my mother’s closet years ago. My jean jacket is thrifted, my shoes are from Target, and the shorts are the only item I spent more than $30 on. That’s what I love about style. It’s not about brand or season or trend, it’s about the pieces you can wear over and over across the course of a lifetime.

Does your wardrobe hold any lifelong pieces you just can’t live without?

Let me know!


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