Witchy Woman

I must tell you that I’ve always wanted to be a witch.

I blame my mother, who raised me on a love of Halloween and Bewitched, showing me the magic of this spooky season from an early age. Halloween has truly always been my favorite– and not in the slasher-stabby-demonic-possession way, but in the way that all things truly mystic and magical can come to life on one crisp fall evening.

This time of year, witchy style is in full season, and I am obsessed with black hats, little black dresses, and long black nails. Ring-stacking is also a must if you want to look like the fortune teller next door. Speaking of jewels, against many of my friend’s advice, I bought these incredible spider web earrings from Regal Rose this year, which I have worn every day this month. A black platform boot creates some goth mystique and beautiful sheer patterned tights add a spooky splash of femininity.

I hope you all enjoyed my spooky styling, and have a howl-tastic Halloween!


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