City Monochrome

I love a good black, white, and orange combo.

Today my family took a rare post-covid outing to the most beautiful rooftop restaurant in Nashville for my mother’s birthday. My outfit was inspired by classic London style– as always — and combined soft white fuzz with sleek black leather. This look was months in the making, as I’ve been saving up for the perfect leather skirt and jacket combo since summer. With my wide hips and narrow waist, it’s hard for me to find a leather mini skirt with the right fit, but this beautiful piece from H&M actually did the trick, as it had a bell curve to it, and a belt to cinch in the waist.

My leather jacket is the perfect amount of bulky and chic, which I got for only $24 online at the Missguided Black Friday sale this year! Such an insane steal, I couldn’t believe it. I took a gamble on it since I couldn’t really see it well in the photos provided, but it’s turned out to be my favorite jacket, with just the right shape and moto details.

I don’t think I’ve stopped wearing these tights I got on amazon for $4, or this hat I got at a used clothes store for $16 since I bought them. To me, accessories can make or break an outfit, and with my faux croc print handbag, these three have become absolute wardrobe staples for me this season.

I’ve actually always hated this sweater, but it’s too expensive for me to just get rid of it. I could never find the right piece to make it flattering. It is so loose and blocky that it swallows me up and makes me look 15 pounds heavier than I am. But this skirt was just sturdy enough to mold its shape, and I couldn’t be happier about the transformation.

All in all, one of my favorite looks I’ve done this year.
I hope you feel the same!


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