Vintage Academia

Everything old is new again…

I stole my dad’s vintage Mickey sweater from when he worked at Disney Studios in the 1980s and turned it into a fashion forward academia statement. Seriously, this look seems like I just got it off the rack at H&M, and it’s all due to a few simple styling tricks I picked up this year.

For one thing, I am obsessed with pleated mini skirts, and have decided to resign all of my jeans in favor of a more school-girl look. I find they elongate my legs when I wear flat winter boots, and add a youthful femininity to any look. Along with my plaid skirt, I layered the sweater over a cream button down blouse with the collar peeking out. I then tucked a chunky silver chain necklace under the collar so you can see a little element of metal peeking through. A scarf and page-boy hat really brought in the “London look” and tied the outfit together.

I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of the leather jacket layer, but it ended up looking better than I expected. I had hoped to throw on a black and white plaid wool coat, but alas I’ll have to snag one in the off-season sales for next winter.

I hope you enjoyed this look and are having a wonderful start to the new year.


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