Those Who Wait

Good things come to those who wait…

This absolutely unbelievably luxurious Free People jumpsuit had been on my wishlist since I first saw it advertised at my local Blush Boutique downtown Nashville this year. Unfortunately for me and my empty pocket book, it was originally priced at $148 and then went down a little in store, but still far too much for me to ever justify. So sadly, I put it out of my mind forever– or so I thought.

The other day, a good friend sent me an Instagram story saying it was now on sale for a little over $20! I messaged the boutique right away asking to buy it. They said it was their last one in stock, and they’d give me an extra 25% off on top of the clearance price! So I ended up walking away with a $150 jumpsuit for $22 including tax.

Sometimes, it literally pays to be patient.


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