When The Party’s Over

Not only my favorite Billie Eilish song, but also the saddest part of the winter season.

Another good title for this post would be “What I Wish I Had Worn On New Years Eve” but that doesn’t seem to have the same ring. But, truly, I bought this dress ($20 at H&M) because, one, I saw the ultimate style icon @SammieJefcoate in a similar one, and two, I realized I didn’t have any effortlessly glamorous and timeless dresses I could throw on for any holiday party occasion! And I’m all about effortless glamour. If I can still eat an entire pasta dinner and look fabulous in my outfit, then “add to cart”.

A few trends I am holding on to for dear life in 2021 are loose dresses/jumpsuits, balloon sleeves, and cinched waists made possible by decorative belts. My love affair with headscarves is destined to grow stronger this year as well, and my obsession with Regal Rose earrings is eternal. A smokey eye and bold red lip is all I needed to complete the look.

As I said at the beginning of the post, when all of the holiday parties are over, the rest of the winter season seems so dull and cold. That’s why I think I’ve been keeping my makeshift tinsel decorations up in my room. I just can’t bear to part with that bright holiday spirit yet. Maybe next week.


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