Memorial Day Peaches

It was boiling hot this Monday so I donned my new puff sleeve white dress from Forever 21 for a sunny summer adventure out with my family. We wanted to go out to my favorite nursery to grab some new flower plants, but since they were closed, we decided to hit up our neighborhood farmContinue reading “Memorial Day Peaches”

Little Dress on the Prairie

I think it’s so interesting when old trends come back. Usually that means a mom jean or crop top craze resurfaces, but in this case, designers are going back a good 200 years for style inspiration. The prairie dress is one of the most elegant staples of summer, with puffed sleeves, a corset bodice, andContinue reading “Little Dress on the Prairie”

A Lesson in Headscarves

I fell in love with headscarves a few years ago when I was bewitched by vintage 1950’s styles, and the affair was recently awakened by watching modern day pin-up girls online, and following many vintage style icons like @misspsychocat and @sammijefcoate. But my own beautiful mother really showed me the ropes growing up with herContinue reading “A Lesson in Headscarves”