Denim on Denim on Denim

I know, how could I commit such fashion treason? Probably because I’m anti-fashion, but pro-style. I have so much disdain for trends and people telling me what’s “in” this season or “out” the next. Style is timleless, borderless, limitless. You can do whatever you want at any time as long as it looks good; andContinue reading “Denim on Denim on Denim”

Summer’s End

Summer ended sharply last Friday in Nashville, TN. Since then I have had to say an unwilling goodbye to my summer favorites– jean shorts, puff sleeves crop tops, and gingham. Tragically, I just got a new gingham dress on sale today, and will sadly only see it next year when spring drags her heavy feetContinue reading “Summer’s End”

September Glow

This in-between month has me loving soft transitions, both in fashion, and in beauty. September is a great way for stylists to use their own blending techniques to weave a wardrobe change seamlessly into someone’s life, and that has inspired me to do my own blending with an actual makeup brush. I recently invested inContinue reading “September Glow”

3 Outfits to Transition from Summer to Fall

Brunch Date Being stuck in isolation has made me really assess the value of taking time to get dressed up and go out on a beautiful day to meet good friend’s for brunch. I miss being able to pick a new place each time, take exquisite foodie photos, and dig into a delicious new delicacyContinue reading “3 Outfits to Transition from Summer to Fall”

European Euphoria

I was lucky enough to be invited to travel Europe with my boyfriend’s family in November of 2018. This trip is by far one of the greatest experiences of my life, and by far the most creatively stimulating. I don’t think I put my phone camera down for a minute, and was lusting over everyContinue reading “European Euphoria”

Orange Gingham

Never in a million years did I think I’d fall in love with orange gingham. I have always been a strictly red or black and white gingham girl, but this summer, I’ve been completely wrapped up in yellows, mustards, peaches, and other sunset hues. It blows my mind, but this beautiful circle skirt from UniqueContinue reading “Orange Gingham”

Little Dress on the Prairie

I think it’s so interesting when old trends come back. Usually that means a mom jean or crop top craze resurfaces, but in this case, designers are going back a good 200 years for style inspiration. The prairie dress is one of the most elegant staples of summer, with puffed sleeves, a corset bodice, andContinue reading “Little Dress on the Prairie”

A Lesson in Headscarves

I fell in love with headscarves a few years ago when I was bewitched by vintage 1950’s styles, and the affair was recently awakened by watching modern day pin-up girls online, and following many vintage style icons like @misspsychocat and @sammijefcoate. But my own beautiful mother really showed me the ropes growing up with herContinue reading “A Lesson in Headscarves”