When The Party’s Over

Not only my favorite Billie Eilish song, but also the saddest part of the winter season.

Another good title for this post would be “What I Wish I Had Worn On New Years Eve” but that doesn’t seem to have the same ring. But, truly, I bought this dress ($20 at H&M) because, one, I saw the ultimate style icon @SammieJefcoate in a similar one, and two, I realized I didn’t have any effortlessly glamorous and timeless dresses I could throw on for any holiday party occasion! And I’m all about effortless glamour. If I can still eat an entire pasta dinner and look fabulous in my outfit, then “add to cart”.

A few trends I am holding on to for dear life in 2021 are loose dresses/jumpsuits, balloon sleeves, and cinched waists made possible by decorative belts. My love affair with headscarves is destined to grow stronger this year as well, and my obsession with Regal Rose earrings is eternal. A smokey eye and bold red lip is all I needed to complete the look.

As I said at the beginning of the post, when all of the holiday parties are over, the rest of the winter season seems so dull and cold. That’s why I think I’ve been keeping my makeshift tinsel decorations up in my room. I just can’t bear to part with that bright holiday spirit yet. Maybe next week.


Those Who Wait

Good things come to those who wait…

This absolutely unbelievably luxurious Free People jumpsuit had been on my wishlist since I first saw it advertised at my local Blush Boutique downtown Nashville this year. Unfortunately for me and my empty pocket book, it was originally priced at $148 and then went down a little in store, but still far too much for me to ever justify. So sadly, I put it out of my mind forever– or so I thought.

The other day, a good friend sent me an Instagram story saying it was now on sale for a little over $20! I messaged the boutique right away asking to buy it. They said it was their last one in stock, and they’d give me an extra 25% off on top of the clearance price! So I ended up walking away with a $150 jumpsuit for $22 including tax.

Sometimes, it literally pays to be patient.


Vintage Academia

Everything old is new again…

I stole my dad’s vintage Mickey sweater from when he worked at Disney Studios in the 1980s and turned it into a fashion forward academia statement. Seriously, this look seems like I just got it off the rack at H&M, and it’s all due to a few simple styling tricks I picked up this year.

For one thing, I am obsessed with pleated mini skirts, and have decided to resign all of my jeans in favor of a more school-girl look. I find they elongate my legs when I wear flat winter boots, and add a youthful femininity to any look. Along with my plaid skirt, I layered the sweater over a cream button down blouse with the collar peeking out. I then tucked a chunky silver chain necklace under the collar so you can see a little element of metal peeking through. A scarf and page-boy hat really brought in the “London look” and tied the outfit together.

I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of the leather jacket layer, but it ended up looking better than I expected. I had hoped to throw on a black and white plaid wool coat, but alas I’ll have to snag one in the off-season sales for next winter.

I hope you enjoyed this look and are having a wonderful start to the new year.


Schoolgirl Vibes

Channeling a London School-girl on this cloudy Nashville day.

Today’s street style is made of simple pieces built into luxurious layers. I’ve really been working on my textures this year, and am proud of my progress. I see now how you can work within one color and still add so much dimension to an outfit. Today, I paired a pleated schoolgirl skirt (Pretty Little Thing) with a cropped chunky sweater (H&M), layered with an oversized leather coat (Missguided) cinched at the waist to maintain the outfit’s youthful feminine shape. To add more of a flirty schoolgirl element, I wore knee high cable knit socks over my favorite tights (both from Amazon). A newsboy hat really brings home the London-Look, and I’m all set with my chunky platform booties (Boohoo) to march off to school.

Hope you all are staying warm!


City Monochrome

I love a good black, white, and orange combo.

Today my family took a rare post-covid outing to the most beautiful rooftop restaurant in Nashville for my mother’s birthday. My outfit was inspired by classic London style– as always — and combined soft white fuzz with sleek black leather. This look was months in the making, as I’ve been saving up for the perfect leather skirt and jacket combo since summer. With my wide hips and narrow waist, it’s hard for me to find a leather mini skirt with the right fit, but this beautiful piece from H&M actually did the trick, as it had a bell curve to it, and a belt to cinch in the waist.

My leather jacket is the perfect amount of bulky and chic, which I got for only $24 online at the Missguided Black Friday sale this year! Such an insane steal, I couldn’t believe it. I took a gamble on it since I couldn’t really see it well in the photos provided, but it’s turned out to be my favorite jacket, with just the right shape and moto details.

I don’t think I’ve stopped wearing these tights I got on amazon for $4, or this hat I got at a used clothes store for $16 since I bought them. To me, accessories can make or break an outfit, and with my faux croc print handbag, these three have become absolute wardrobe staples for me this season.

I’ve actually always hated this sweater, but it’s too expensive for me to just get rid of it. I could never find the right piece to make it flattering. It is so loose and blocky that it swallows me up and makes me look 15 pounds heavier than I am. But this skirt was just sturdy enough to mold its shape, and I couldn’t be happier about the transformation.

All in all, one of my favorite looks I’ve done this year.
I hope you feel the same!


Raining Cats

Today it was raining cats…

No dogs unfortunately, but I did finally get to wear a wild retro-inspired outfit that I’ve been saving for the perfect gloomy day.

I couldn’t really pin-point an era this outfit belonged to.

It seemed very 60s meets 90s to me, in London, of course, but even then it was certainly more modern than some of my other looks. But I did combine a lot of different elements at once on purpose. I loooove leather and leopard for fall, and am thrilled that newsboy hats are back. A few of my favorite style icons have taught me that you must belt everything to accentuate the waist, and I’m starting to believe them. Summer dresses over thin turtlenecks is also one of my favorite things you can do in fall/spring fashion, and I like to always take advantage of stacking layers on layers on layers.

We stepped out of the rain just long enough to snap a few pictures! What’s your favorite rainy day activity?


Black & Camel

Black and Camel– a love story.

Today’s outfit is a quick and easy masterpiece of classic and modern style. My all time favorite color combination is the timeless black and camel, which together bring a rather simple outfit to the height of sophistication. I centered this look around an old cardigan I found in my dad’s closet. My mother said he never wore it and I should take it, so I snuck off with it the happiest girl in the world. Since the day’s are getting cooler, but the sun is still shining bright, a nice warm cardigan is the perfect layer over any stylish tank top to add dimension and flexibility to a fall ensemble. It just so happened that I had a beret and boots that were the exact same shade of camel as the cardigan, and thus my material masterpiece came to be.

What is your favorite color combo of the season?


Witchy Woman

I must tell you that I’ve always wanted to be a witch.

I blame my mother, who raised me on a love of Halloween and Bewitched, showing me the magic of this spooky season from an early age. Halloween has truly always been my favorite– and not in the slasher-stabby-demonic-possession way, but in the way that all things truly mystic and magical can come to life on one crisp fall evening.

This time of year, witchy style is in full season, and I am obsessed with black hats, little black dresses, and long black nails. Ring-stacking is also a must if you want to look like the fortune teller next door. Speaking of jewels, against many of my friend’s advice, I bought these incredible spider web earrings from Regal Rose this year, which I have worn every day this month. A black platform boot creates some goth mystique and beautiful sheer patterned tights add a spooky splash of femininity.

I hope you all enjoyed my spooky styling, and have a howl-tastic Halloween!


Sweater Weather

It’s getting quite chilly in Nashville TN, and I realized that I didn’t bring any fall sweaters with me during our summer move! I hopped over to my favorite place to shop on a dime– Buffalo Exchange– and got three beautiful high quality sweaters for under $50. Reusing some wardrobe staples from the last 5 years, this was all-together a great way to thrift my way to a cozy fall wardrobe.

I really do love a good cable knit. Today it’s pretty warm, so I’ve been wearing my summer high-waisted shorts with over the knee socks and scrunch-boots from Target. This creamy knit look gives me real Oxford in the fall vibes, taking me back to younger days when I dreamed about attending an Ivy League school. I’m so glad my dreams have evolved, and though there’s no way I’d be attending Harvard any time soon, I can still dress like it.

Off-the-shoulder knit and bell-bottom jeans? Yes please.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw these jeans on sale for $19 at my local Blush Boutique in Nashville. I snagged this twist back off the shoulder knit sweater from Fashionnova for also $20, making this an incredible fall outfit for under $50.

My first-ever cowboy hat was this dusty short-brimmed Stetson that carries effortless bohemian vibes with an understated western flare. With the bell-bottoms and hat, I can create a serene 70’s aesthetic under $20.

I believe I’ve said it before, but I’m obsessed with rust this season. For some reason, I’ve neglected orange-tones most of my life, which I’m realizing is insane since it’s what I look the best in! I saw this beautiful Madewell sweater for $25 at Buffalo Exchange and knew I had to have it. I had been looking at $50+ Madewell sweaters all week and knew this was an amazing deal from the softness and details of the sweater.

A checked blazer always adds a level of sophistication and dimension to a bold solid color, and is of course a great way to layer up for colder nights.

This look just gives me such vintage vibes.

I think it has something to do with the cropped ballooning shape of the sweater’s torso and sleeves, but I feel so 1930’s in this look. Paired with my old-faithful Topshop jeans I’ve kept over years, and my old-trusty Free People hat I’ve had forever, this $10 thrifted sweater from Buffalo Exchange looks like a million bucks.

I hope you all enjoyed my little budget-friendly sweater weather guide for fall! While I love soft autumn colors, I am excited to be moving into darker and more dramatic styles in the next coming weeks. So stay tuned!


5 Ways to Wear Summer Dresses in Fall

The weather is cooling down, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your favorite summer dresses for good. With a few layering tricks, accessories, and fall boots, you can take your summer dresses out for one last hurrah before the snow.

I love muted colors for summer and fall, and this dark green midi dress has been worn on repeat since I got it this last spring. Since it’s already a fall-ish muted color, all it takes is a vintage jean jacket, black booties and a matching purse to transform your look from summer to fall.

Boho-Chic is a go-to for me on cooler days. I found this amazing orange plaid dress inspired by the styles of the 1930’s on sale on the Unique Vintage website. I’m trying to stack my wardrobe with styles from every decade to achieve the perfect mix of eclectic and timeless. A free people hat — one of my all time favorite and most worn accessories– takes this look from chic to bohemian dream. Paired with a vintage jean jacket and tan boots and a matching purse, I’m ready to greet the falling leaves.

If you know me, you know I’ll do whatever it takes to get my hands on gingham. It was my mission this summer to cram as much gingham into my wardrobe as possible, and sadly, I only was able to add 3 beautiful pieces to my collection. I found this H&M baby-doll dress on sale last week, and even though summer is long past, I had to snag it and save it for next year. But, with just a few fall elements, I can still wear my latest adoption for at least a few more weeks.

Talking about layers and accessories, look how much darker this ruffle mini dress appears when accentuated by some croc booties and a blazer. For this look, I dove into my new favorite signature look– hair up with a bold headscarf and big beautiful earrings. Any of these looks can be worn with tights, and for shorter dresses like this one, I would suggest investing in some sheer nylons to beat away the cold.

In full disclosure, I almost gave away this dress because it fits a little tighter than I would normally like. But my gosh, looking at how exquisitely it pairs with my favorite camel coat– a wardrobe staple of mine for years– I can’t believe I ever considered it. I adore how 1950s this look is, and am always a big fan of midi dresses for any season.

I hope you all get a little bit of fall weather blown your way and can try out your own version of these looks this weekend!