Denim on Denim on Denim

I know, how could I commit such fashion treason?

Probably because I’m anti-fashion, but pro-style. I have so much disdain for trends and people telling me what’s “in” this season or “out” the next. Style is timleless, borderless, limitless. You can do whatever you want at any time as long as it looks good; and even if it doesn’t, you’re still free to play. And one thing I love doing is stacking. I stack jewelry, patterns, textures, colors, anything to be on the fine line between couture and obnoxious. The same goes with this triple denim look, which I think worked out quite nicely in a very retro 70’s sort of way.

Some days are warm enough for a nice shorts, jacket, and booties combo, and I’m taking advantage of the last few moments I’ll get to wear a bare leg this year. The denim shirt I tied up is a vintage Ralph Lauren I stole from my mother’s closet years ago. My jean jacket is thrifted, my shoes are from Target, and the shorts are the only item I spent more than $30 on. That’s what I love about style. It’s not about brand or season or trend, it’s about the pieces you can wear over and over across the course of a lifetime.

Does your wardrobe hold any lifelong pieces you just can’t live without?

Let me know!


Summer’s End

Summer ended sharply last Friday in Nashville, TN. Since then I have had to say an unwilling goodbye to my summer favorites– jean shorts, puff sleeves crop tops, and gingham. Tragically, I just got a new gingham dress on sale today, and will sadly only see it next year when spring drags her heavy feet in again. I couldn’t be sadder for the clothes I didn’t get to even wear this season, since Covid kept me inside and unadventurous for most of the summer. I also found myself slipping into tee-shirts and cowboy boots for most of the sweltering southern heat. But I have collected an arsenal of charming crop tops for next year, and cannot wait to parade them around at the first glimpse of heat.

Sad as it may be to see the summer sun go, I am over the moon for all things pumpkin spice and everything nice. We are currently moving, and all my luscious sweaters boots scarves and coats are in storage; so, I’m not sure how to weather (pun intended) this cold front, and am feeling sorely unequipped for my favorite season (fall). I suppose I can always rely on a good band tee, jeans, and booties to see me through. I suppose I’ll have to.

So long, summer.
We miss you already.


September Glow

This in-between month has me loving soft transitions, both in fashion, and in beauty. September is a great way for stylists to use their own blending techniques to weave a wardrobe change seamlessly into someone’s life, and that has inspired me to do my own blending with an actual makeup brush.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I recently invested in some warm-tones on Amazon, embracing oranges, blushes, and every color of a sunset for a nice September glow. My whole makeup look here costs about $50 total, and was absolutely worth every cent. It’s impossible for me to find a foundation that actually matches my fair complexion, but I found the perfect light base to be the canvas for my red-toned artwork.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I don’t know what else to say about this look except that it is the epitome of soft. I used a brown eyebrow mascara for the brows, not really worrying about shaping them as much as just coloring in their natural shape. Then a harmony of blushes on my eyes blended into a natural shimmer, with a very thin liner to accentuate the lashes. My lips are a combination of dark liner, matching stain, and then a lighter shade on top to bring an ombre look to them. Of course I have a rust bronzer under my orange blush to tie the whole look together. Very easy and light for this last hurrah of summer.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

All products used above.

Phoera foundation. Maybeline liner and lipstick. Makeup Revoltion lip stain. Nyx Bronzer, Eyeliner, and Eyebrow Mascara. Maybeline Mascara. Milani Blush. Kylie Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette. OPI Nail Polish.


3 Outfits to Transition from Summer to Fall

  1. Brunch Date

Being stuck in isolation has made me really assess the value of taking time to get dressed up and go out on a beautiful day to meet good friend’s for brunch. I miss being able to pick a new place each time, take exquisite foodie photos, and dig into a delicious new delicacy that wreaks havoc on my lipstick. So even if I don’t go, I still always plan out possible brunch outfits just in case a rebellious friend invites me to dare to leave my room.
I have a real obsession with corsets this fall, a theme you will see on the blog this season repeatedly. This beautiful corset detail top from Fashionnova has just the right bits of Gothic romance that make my heart sing. These mom shorts from Urban Outfitters have been over-worn already since I bought them just a month ago. Some skinny sunglasses and sandal heels complete the look with summery daytime lightness that offsets the gaudy details of the fall top.

2. Work From Home

Since we are all working from home, it can be easy to just stay in your PJ’s or slip on a comfortable sweater to snooz the day away in. But for me, getting dressed (even to just sit in my room) is very therapeutic and energizing, and can really effect my productivity. If you’re like me, this outfit is a really nice compromise. I have a chic silk button down shirt on top, so in case a Zoom meeting should catch me off guard, I look entirely professional and put together. However, the slouchy fit and soft material is also entirely comfortable. With a summer-fall transition, it’s important to stick to light or at least blue denim to offset some of your darker accents. These blue mom jeans have been a staple for my wardrobe for years, and are the perfect way to ease into a fall color scheme, lightening the mood when paired with darker reds or blacks. This year, I’ve invested in some croc-print loafers so I can lounge in style, keeping a business-chic edge in my life even if I’m confined to my room. I also think chunky chain necklaces are going to take over my life this season. Anyone else agree?

3. Night Out

Since nights are cooling down, I wanted this look to have the essence of September sophistication and Gothic whimsy in mind. Every woman should own a silk slip dress in some color, though black is of course my go-to (however I am eyeing a delicious wine addition as well). It is the easiest way to show up with an effortlessly-sexy glow for date night. Paired with a structured blazer (hello shoulder pads), you can shield yourself from a chill while also saying “I mean business” to onlooking eyes. Alligator print is a real obsession for me right now (which I will be doing a post on shortly) which is why my croc-print handbag matches my new croc-print ankle boots. Another print I can’t get enough of is snakeskin, and I wrapped a thick snake print belt around the dress to cinch my waist. A lovely headscarf masks my messy top knot, and huge gaudy earrings top it all off with an extra essence of luxury.

My Top Trends for Fall 2020:
Corset, Silk, Alligator print, Snakeskin.

Which outfit is your favorite? Leave me a comment below and follow more fall trends at @ofanothertimeblog on Instagram.


European Euphoria

I was lucky enough to be invited to travel Europe with my boyfriend’s family in November of 2018. This trip is by far one of the greatest experiences of my life, and by far the most creatively stimulating. I don’t think I put my phone camera down for a minute, and was lusting over every street corner, cafe, and cobble stone that I stepped on. My hunger for the European aesthetic started long ago, as my Italian mother brought me up on the language, art, and culture of Paris, London, and Rome. I was force fed from birth romanticized images of European architecture, fashion, and music, and while I have heard that these American obsessions are vastly dramatized, I found that the dreams put in my head by Euro-fanatics were strikingly real.

These photos were taken by me, my boyfriend, or one of his parents. As you can see, with minimal editing, and very little skill, the photographs represent the raw exquisiteness of European cities. We traveled first to Budapest, then Vienna, then flew into Venice, and lastly Milan. Left on my list is Paris (my childhood dream), London, Tokyo, and of course, every single town and city in Italy– starting with Florence and Rome.

I didn’t think much about Europe after that trip, but two years later, I am dying to travel again, and soak up even more beauty along the way. I think next time I will bring a Polaroid or digital camera, so I don’t have to have my phone on me at all. Then I won’t even post about the trip till I get home, so I can be completely immersed in each and every glorious moment.

Enjoy Country

Something a little more casual today, with a twinge of country music nostalgia. As the southern summer gets hotter, I find it harder to dress in anything I don’t mind sweating in (sorry for TMI but girls sweat too). I’ve found a love for soft racer back tanks with sweet country sayings on them. I’ve bought a few with lyrics printed on them from my favorite radio hits, and others like this “Enjoy Country” tank from Whiskey Riff have just the right kind of retro aesthetic I want to cool down in.

High waisted denim and obnoxiously large hoop earrings are two other staples of my country summer, and of course, my favorite pair of worn in boots. Since everything is closed (thank you COVID19) I’ve been practicing my line dancing at home, so I can make sure to be the best dancer on the floor next year if things ever go back to normal.

Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: Whiskey Riff
Hat: Cody James
Hoops: Lulus (similar)

Orange Gingham

Never in a million years did I think I’d fall in love with orange gingham. I have always been a strictly red or black and white gingham girl, but this summer, I’ve been completely wrapped up in yellows, mustards, peaches, and other sunset hues. It blows my mind, but this beautiful circle skirt from Unique Vintage is one of my favorite pieces I’ve collected this season. Paired with a delicate eyelet puff sleeve crop top from Fashionnova, and some block heel sandals by Steve Madden, I feel like the perfect Southern Belle, ready for a picnic.

Skirt: Unique Vintage (out of stock, similar style linked)
Top: Fashionnova
Shoes: Steve Madden

Memorial Day Peaches

It was boiling hot this Monday so I donned my new puff sleeve white dress from Forever 21 for a sunny summer adventure out with my family. We wanted to go out to my favorite nursery to grab some new flower plants, but since they were closed, we decided to hit up our neighborhood farm stand instead. COVID-19 has taught me how fragile our current society is, and how dependent we are on all of the parts working perfectly. I’ve really been researching homesteading, and trying to get closer to small farmers for all of my produce, meat, and dairy, and start making whatever I can from scratch.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I grew up baking with my grandmother who just passed away this year at 99 years old. She was a complete renaissance woman and master of all trades, and she taught me that a strong, independent woman can also be elegant, beautiful, and killer in the kitchen. I’ve been making a lot of pies lately, to try and re-hone the skills she lent to me when I was little. I’ve also mastered jam making which has made me want to make my own bread to put it on too.

With this in mind, as soon as I saw fresh juicy ripe peaches at the farmstand I knew I wanted to get as many as I could and throw them into a beautiful cobbler as soon as I got home.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I found a great recipe online and it turned out so heavenly I just had to share it with you all. It’s super easy and will take no time at all! You just need fresh peaches, sugar, salt, flower, milk, butter, lemon juice and a bit of cinnamon if you’d like.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I paired the steaming hot cobbler with some peach Halo Top Icecream for an incredible creamy mix. We watched my favorite movie– Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone– and had a beautiful night as a family. During this pandemic, quality time with loved ones has become both rare and precious. There’s something so amazing about producing a product with your own two hands that others can enjoy with you that just hits your humanity differently. I’m definitely more grateful for little moments of joy now, and I hope that’s a perspective that will last with me long after this is all over.

Little Dress on the Prairie

I think it’s so interesting when old trends come back. Usually that means a mom jean or crop top craze resurfaces, but in this case, designers are going back a good 200 years for style inspiration.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The prairie dress is one of the most elegant staples of summer, with puffed sleeves, a corset bodice, and billowing skirt that flows out from the waist. It’s dreamy, surreal, and– in my opinion– so flattering. I truly fell in love with this lightweight but well structured Free People piece, littered with delicate little flowers in a pink and yellow print. It truly made me feel like I was in another time (a common theme on this blog) and I had to go run around the back field by my house playing my favorite folk song for a good 10 minutes.

This dress was a pretty big investment for me right now after losing my main income to the COVID-19 epidemic, but I found it really on sale at Macy’s and figured that Free People was a company worth spending for, since their beautiful designs last forever.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

What I think is most important is building your closet with pieces that will make you dream. Lovely items you can’t wait to wear again. That principle with suspend all styles and trends, and as long as it’s something that make you feel like absolute magic, it’s something worth having forever.

A Lesson in Headscarves

I fell in love with headscarves a few years ago when I was bewitched by vintage 1950’s styles, and the affair was recently awakened by watching modern day pin-up girls online, and following many vintage style icons like @misspsychocat and @sammijefcoate. But my own beautiful mother really showed me the ropes growing up with her authentic designer scarves. She liked to wear them as ascots around her neck, which was beautiful, but I always loved the way they could transform a plain hairdo into an artform with a simple head-wrap.

I recently invested in several large silk scarves that were about $8.99 each on Amazon. I got one for my darker looks (pictured above) in a classic Hermes-inspired black and gold print. I got another one for more neutral tones, which is inspired by the famous Burberry print, and then another one for my growing collection of pale blue looks for summer. I also have a white and a black polka dot scarf both which I wear with my white and black polka dot looks (which is another growing collection in my little summer wardrobe).

The real trick is finding a stylish and unique way to wrap and style the scarves. I love making them into large bows like I have pictured here, which gives it a lot of flare compared to a clean tie. However, sometimes I do like wrapping it back and leaving a hairband sort of presentation as well. I’ve tried to do more traditional 1950’s wraps but it really hasn’t worked for me yet, so I have to make up my own methods. With the shorter scarves, I can make a little simple bow-tie by just wrapping it around my head once and tying the ends in front.

I’ve found that the best way to wear the scarves is with my hair piled up on my head into a large messy top knot, which is both practical and the most stylish I can get with my very long hair. I unfortunately cannot do victory rolls and pin my hair up like the 1950’s beauties because of my hair’s length and weight, so I have to approach it with a modern take on an older tradition and just swirl it into a bun. Being a ballerina, I really like getting away with wearing my hair up every day while still being feminine and fashionable. This has definitely become my favorite hair-hack so far.