5 Ways to Wear Summer Dresses in Fall

The weather is cooling down, but that doesn’t mean you have to put away your favorite summer dresses for good. With a few layering tricks, accessories, and fall boots, you can take your summer dresses out for one last hurrah before the snow. I love muted colors for summer and fall, and this dark greenContinue reading “5 Ways to Wear Summer Dresses in Fall”

Summer’s End

Summer ended sharply last Friday in Nashville, TN. Since then I have had to say an unwilling goodbye to my summer favorites– jean shorts, puff sleeves crop tops, and gingham. Tragically, I just got a new gingham dress on sale today, and will sadly only see it next year when spring drags her heavy feetContinue reading “Summer’s End”

September Glow

This in-between month has me loving soft transitions, both in fashion, and in beauty. September is a great way for stylists to use their own blending techniques to weave a wardrobe change seamlessly into someone’s life, and that has inspired me to do my own blending with an actual makeup brush. I recently invested inContinue reading “September Glow”

3 Outfits to Transition from Summer to Fall

Brunch Date Being stuck in isolation has made me really assess the value of taking time to get dressed up and go out on a beautiful day to meet good friend’s for brunch. I miss being able to pick a new place each time, take exquisite foodie photos, and dig into a delicious new delicacyContinue reading “3 Outfits to Transition from Summer to Fall”